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Microsoft Office Activation Key

Microsoft Office activation key is used for the activation of Microsoft Office. It is effortless to activate and you can do this by following some easy steps. Firstly, you need to launch the program. You can easily find it by opening the Start menu and typing key finder in the search box and then press Enter. The program starts the scanning the computer for installations and finds the product key for various versions of Microsoft Office activation key setup for business users and home users as well.

There are two different types of software license keys: KMS and MAK. KMS stands for Key Management Service and helps in eliminating the need for individual computers for product activation and allows an organization to activate the products within their network. MAK stands for Multiple Activation Key and is used for only specific numbers of device activations. It is straightforward to use Microsoft Office Activation key support but even though if you find any difficulty regarding the activation of your product, you can call us 24x7 at our toll-free number 1-800-313-3590 and get help by our experts.


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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed for Windows, Android, IOS and Mac OS. It is used for calculation, pivot tables, graphing tools and a programming language known as Visual Basic for Applications. Excel is widely used for these platforms after the introduction of version 5 in 1993, it has replaced previous versions of Lotus and become the industry standard for spreadsheets. Excel had a dis-advantage in the size of their data sets as it can only handle 16K rows and after that, it has improved considerably with its new versions now can handle 1M rows, and 16384 columns. Although, while working in Excel, you may receive some errors, due to the availability of fewer resources, Excel cannot complete this work, Out of memory and many other errors. In that case, just call us at Microsoft Office activation key and we are here to help you.


Microsoft Outlook is widely used as an email application and is also used as personal manager from Microsoft available as one of many parts of Microsoft Office Suite. It also includes a calendar, contact manager, journal, note taking, web browser and task manager. Outlook 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft Outlook, also provide clutter for Outlook and is also available in Microsoft Office 365. Clutter is used to analyzing your emails, automatically determines the message that we want to ignore many more things. Many types of errors can occur while using outlook and the use of outlook is significant as we need to use it many times in a day at small business or by corporates. But there is no need for any panic or fear as Microsoft Office activation key is there to help you and giving you best experience around the country.


Microsoft OneNote is the program used for information gathering in many forms such as notes, screen clippings, drawings and audio commentaries. We can also share our notes with other OneNote users over the internet or a network. So, it is a free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. There is another web-based version of OneNote as a part of Office Online or OneDrive but you cannot edit your notes via a web browser version. It is effortless to use OneNote but if anyone finds it difficult or got any error using OneNote or find it difficult to synchronize it with your device, just feel free to call at Microsoft Office activation key and we will be glad to help you and give you a solution as soon as possible. Our Microsoft office technical support team is ready to help you as we want our customer to be fully satisfied with our services at Microsoft Office activation key.


Microsoft Word is the most popular processing system and is very easy and efficient in use. It allows you to create different types of documents such as brochures, quizzes, letters, tests, learning activities and many more activities. We can use Microsoft Word at many places like a business, helps you to create books, articles, newsletters, you can edit or convert your PDF files and last but not the least it also plays a significant role in education as it helps students to express them. If you experience any error using Microsoft Word you can call us at Microsoft Office activation key. There are many errors that user experience while using Microsoft Word like an error while trying to open the file, problem while sending the command to the program, issues with data that cause a program to there. You can feel safe and secure while calling Microsoft Office activation key.


Microsoft PowerPoint is used for creating presentations. With the use of PowerPoint, you can view, create and present slideshows that combine videos, charts, graphs, shapes, pictures, animation, text and much more. There are many benefits of Microsoft PowerPoint such as multiple learning styles, improving audience focus, providing highlights, analyzing and synthesizing complexities, increasing spontaneity and interactivity, an enriching curriculum, increasing visual impact and much more. Microsoft PowerPoint is mainly used in businesses to steam line their presentation creation efforts but there are other uses as well like if are performing a new hire training, conduct an end of the year summary or, report financials, Microsoft PowerPoint is the best software to use. Even though if you are getting an error while using Microsoft PowerPoint, call us at Microsoft Office activation key and get the best experience around the country.

Microsoft Office 365 Complete Package

Microsoft Office 365 is the latest version of Microsoft Office and it refers to the subscription plans that include the use of Office applications and other productivity services that are given over the cloud with Microsoft Office activation key. The full implementation includes softwares such as Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Word, OneNote and Publisher. Microsoft Office 365 also includes the desktop version of the latest applications which users can install on their desktop, multiple computers, Macs, iPhone, iPad, and android tablets. The Publisher and Access are available on computer versions only. You need to use Microsoft Office 365 with the latest versions as previous versions result in the reduced functionality. If you find any error or confusion using Microsoft Office 365, you can call us at Microsoft Office activation key and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible.


We are providing the independent services for Microsoft Office activation key

We are providing the independent Microsoft Office activation key services provider and also offer technical support for your technical issues with all Microsoft products. Our technical Support team is very experienced, skilled and is always ready to help you as we respect the value of your time. You can call us for Microsoft Office activation key issues and we provide you the best solutions for your problem and also provide you the support for all the future updates of the product or launch of the latest versions of their applications.

Our Microsoft Office technical support team are specially trained to deal with the technical errors of Microsoft Office like Error 1935, Mac update errors or shutting of a program in an attempt to select a recipient from Outlook via mail merge, formulae errors while using excel and many others errors. You need not worry about your concerns related to Microsoft Office activation key, if you are tired by yourself and unable to find the solution, give us a call, we will solve your problem as soon as possible as by taking the remote because our primary goal is customer satisfaction.

Freuently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft office activation key

  • Question: What is Microsoft Office product activation key and where do I find it?
    Answer: Microsoft Office activation key is a unique 25-character alpha-numeric code to be used to activate your Office products.
    To get your Microsoft Office activation key, look for the 25-characters alpha-numeric code on the rare of the card inside your Office product packaging. Sometimes you can find the Product Key printed on the retail receipt. If you purchased Microsoft Office from a computer manufacturer, your product Key must be located somewhere in computer packaging.
  • Question: Do I need to keep my product Key in the security?
    Answer: After you associate your Microsoft office activation key to your Microsoft account, you can sign in at any time to www.office.com/myaccount to install and manage Microsoft Office. But it's a good idea to keep your Microsoft Office activation key in a secure location to help our support agents to trace your product details or as proof of purchase.
  • Question: How can I get the advantage of the free upgrade of New Office?
    Answer: Yes, if you purchase a new qualified Microsoft Office edition and activate it within the offer period.
  • Question: How many machines can I install the license if I get the free upgrade?
    Answer: It depends on your subscription license and agreement made at the time of purchase.
  • Question: Can I transfer subscribed Office license to another machine?
    Answer: It depends on the license type but subscription license of Microsoft Office 365 can be transferred to a different machine, simply you need uninstalling and re-installing from the website Office.com/My Account page.
  • Question: Microsoft Office 2013/365 is not working. I bought it, I have entered the product key after open the package.
    Answer: 1. Microsoft Office 2013, the initial key you can get it as a redemption key. To get redeem the product key, you need to go to http://office.microsoft.com.
    2. Microsoft Office 365, the key you initially get as a redemption key to get the subscription will work for you, Office 365 do not have the Microsoft Office activation key.
  • Question: When I try to redeem the Microsoft office activation key after I bought Office 2013/365, it has asked me to enter for my account details. I tried to enter my email address but it is not accepting Microsoft account.
    Answer: For Microsoft account, you just need to register your email, please go through the www.live.com and register for a Microsoft account.
  • Question: When I try to redeem the Microsoft office activation key after I bought Office 2013/365, it has asked me to enter for my account details. I tried to enter my email address but it is not accepting Microsoft account.
    Answer: For Microsoft account, you just need to register your email, please go through the www.live.com and register.

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